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Your advantages at a glance:

  • Available in any language combination
  • By professional specialist translators from the industry
  • Corrected and revised by a second native speaker on request
  • Express shipping possible within 48h
  • Easy download of the finished translation

Translation of your tabular curriculum vitae into any language you wish!

With the translation of your curriculum vitae, you can brave new professional challenges, seize the opportunity to study abroad or uniformly compare international applicants. Avoid careless mistakes, faux pas or linguistically incorrect formulations with a translation from lingoking!

Where is the document recognized/required?

  • Employment offices
  • Employers
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Authorities
  • Job centres
  • Application agencies

For which occasions do you need the document?

  • Applications
  • Change of profession
  • Self-presentation

The dream job on the other side of the world shouldn’t have to remain a dream for you or your applicants. Trust our network of native speakers to carry out this translation professionally and ensure that your curriculum vitae meets country-specific requirements and standards.

lingoking offers you the translation of your curriculum vitae into any language you want! Order your translation online easy and uncomplicated in just a few clicks.

Note: The specialist translation of your document follows a standard page rate. We assume a length of up to 350 words per page.

Simply upload your curriculum vitae to our platform. You can download your finished translation from our platform after a few days.