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Your advantages at a glance:

  • Available in any language combination
  • By native specialist translators
  • Express delivery possible within 48h
  • Easy download of the finished translation

Professional specialist translation of your announcement into any desired language!

You would like to announce an important event or current developments or invite to an event? Do you also want to address foreign-language employees, partners and customers in their mother tongue? No problem with lingoking!

Who is requesting the document?

  • Companies
  • Private occasions
  • E-mail communication

What is the document needed for?

  • Events and parties
  • Weddings and celebrations
  • Sales meetings and trade fairs
  • Galas and awards

Are you planning an official event at which international guests are also to participate? Trust our professional specialist translators to carry out this translation with the appropriate sensitivity and background knowledge, thereby ensuring that you receive as much feedback as possible to your invitation.

lingoking offers you the translation of your announcements into any desired language! Order your translation easily online in just a few clicks. Choose your translation with or without proofreading. We recommend that you only do without proofreading if the translation will only be used for a close circle of friends in a private environment.

Simply upload your document to our platform. You can download your finished translation from our platform after a few days. Note: The specialist translation of your document follows a standard page rate. We assume a length of up to 350 words per page.